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ModernMix 1.22 Crack + Serial Number Download 2024

ModernMix Crack + Serial Number Download 2024

Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 8


Download ModernMix [Crack]

Unlike traditional applications, modern Windows 8 apps are opened using the entire computer display. Especially designed for those who cannot get used to this new feature, ModernMix is a simple utility that enables you to run any Metro application in a separate window on the desktop.

ModernMix consists of a configuration window, where you can choose the way that Metro applications should appear when opened from the Start Screen or the desktop. You can keep the default full screen option or activate the windowed mode. In addition to this, it can disable the animated flip when launching fullscreen apps.

Not only that modern Windows 8 apps run in the traditional windowed mode, but they behave just like any other program. The windows get the standard minimize, maximize and close buttons and can be easily resized using the mouse.

Moreover, each window has a control overlay in the top right corner, which can be used to switch between display modes (fullscreen / windowed) and you can set a hotkey to change the view even faster.

Probably the most important feature is that the apps show up in the taskbar, enabling you to pin them for easy and fast access anytime. Since Metro apps can be launched from the taskbar, you might end up not using the Start Screen at all.

ModernMix can remember the choices you make regarding window sizes and can be set to always use the last state of the Metro applications. Furthermore, the saved state can be easily modified. Thus, you can choose the display mode for each and every app you launch: fullscreen, maximized or windowed.

ModernMix offers you the possibility to choose the way you want the Metro apps to be displayed. It helps you take advantage of the desktop multi-tasking working environment, by running multiple Metro apps at the same time and switching between windows, not screens.

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