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MoniTOR 1.0.2 Keygen Full Version

MoniTOR Keygen Full Version

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MoniTOR is a Windows software solution created to help users test and adjust their monitors.

Monitor calibration has always been a task more appropriate for professional users, as it usually requires advanced computer experience, but MoniTOR is actually a very easy to use program.

Truth is, it still comprises features and terms that could scare away beginners, but a user guide is also available in case you need help to figure out the purpose of a specific feature.

The main window of the program is organized in tabs, letting you adjust most important parameters concerning a TFT or a CRT screen, including colors, gradients, geometry, text, images and video. What's more, the settings tab shows the supported resolutions and enables users to set up different parameters for each of them.

On the good side, MoniTOR comes with plenty of features, all of them grouped in a very straightforward and intuitive GUI. Each of the available features can be quickly accessed by clicking on its very own tab.

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks too and one of the most important is the lack of a comprehensive help manual. The program isn't aimed at beginners, that's true, but it still needs a help section to explain the built-in features and thus assist users in their attempt to take the most out of the program.

Overall, MoniTOR is undoubtedly a handy product, but as we mentioned above, future updates are still needed. You can control many of your screen settings, regardless if we're talking about color uniformity, tonal range, geometry, brightness, contrast and refresh rate.

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