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MonitorTest 4.0 Build 1001 Crack Plus Keygen

MonitorTest Crack Plus Keygen

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While LCD monitors all seem the same, their quality varies from brand to brand. MonitorTest is a small tool that was developed to help you run various performance tests.

The program has a simple interface that should be easy to figure out by all users.

As mentioned, once launched, the program can provide various details regarding the monitors connected to the computer. It can test multiple monitors at the same time of you can select on which one to run the tests.

After the test, you can immediately view the number of color bits per pixel, the number of colors, the horizontal and vertical resolution, the total number of pixels and refresh rate. Details regarding the video drives may be displayed as well.

The app can run over thirty different tests on the screen to assess its performance. You may launch all the tests or choose only some of them, such as “Master Screen”, “Solid Green/Black/Red/Blue”, “Convergence dots”, “Mask”, “Gamma Red/Green/Blue/White”, and “LCD Pixel Persistence” to name just a few.

This type of testing is essential for the adjustment and selection of a quality monitor that provides crisp, bright images, while reducing the strain on your eyes. The app should work with monitors of any resolution, aspect ratio and color depth.

The bottom line is that MonitorTest is a great tool that can be quite useful. Inexperienced individuals shouldn’t have any troubles while installing and customizing this program, thanks to its intuitive layout and overall simplicity.

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