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MOOS Project Viewer 4.4.0 Crack With Activator 2024

MOOS Project Viewer Crack With Activator 2024

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MOOS Project Viewer is a practical and comprehensive software solution worth having when you need to view and analyze Microsoft Project files and Gantt charts.

These charts illustrate the schedule of a project and enable you to view the start and the finish dates of each action. This way, you are able to allocate the proper budget and right resources for each stage, thus improving efficiency and productivity.

The main window of the application enables you to view each task along with its duration, predecessors and resource names. Additionally, from the right-click menu you are able to focus on a specific task or simply view details such as successors, used resources and the completion percentage.

The left panel allows you to navigate through options such as ‘WBS View’, ‘Gantt Chart’, ‘Task Usage’, ‘Tracking Gantt’, ‘Resource Sheet’, ‘Resource Usage’ and ‘Team Planner’.

By accessing the ‘Task Usage’ option, you are able to view the total cost for each task along with the assigned working time. As such, MOOS Project Viewer is a great solution for project stakeholders who need to view the project details in a dynamic way.

From the Options menu you are able to change the date format according to your needs, set the currency units and the working hours per day. The View tab enables you to view Gantt assignments name and code, task completion, task duration, project estimated start line and task work.

Finally, the General tab enables you to store all of your data to cloud platforms such as Dropbox or Google Drive and rest assured that you can access all your projects from everywhere.

To conclude, MOOS Project Viewer comes in handy for users who need to view and analyze Gantt charts, task details and assignments for each project.

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