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MP4 Player 4.28.7 Crack With Activator Latest 2024

MP4 Player Crack With Activator Latest 2024

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Viewing videos saved onto a computer or loading online clips from a certain URL address are possible nowadays through a variety of dedicated players. There are some such utilities that are tailored for a specific type of files and MP4 Player is one of them.

This tool comes with a friendly interface that allows you to easily select, load and play your videos. Nonetheless, do not let the name deceive you because there are more formats that can be handled through this software solution.

Thus, MP4 Player is also equipped with the necessary means of manipulating Flash files, in FLV format, as well as WebM videos. It is also worth mentioning the playlist support that will help you create or load and play existing PLS and M3U lists of multimedia clips.

The playback controls are somewhat basic, the only difference from other similar programs being a 'Zoom' button that allows you to increase or decrease the size of the visible area for the clip that is currently playing.

All the commands that are available in the normal mode can also be accessed via the right-click menu, plus some extras. That menu will enable you to put the loaded video or the entire list on repeat and also use the seek function which allow you to move forward or backward either 10 seconds or a whole minute.

Some neat features of MP4 Player can be found in the 'After Playback' submenu, namely the ability to have the application close after the playback ends, as well as the option of having the system shutdown as soon as the movie is finished.

On the whole, this software does a decent job, but it's limited support for video filetypes will restrict its user database. Also, there are some glitches when selecting to load an entire folder for direct playback or inside a playlist and these diminish its overall value.

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