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MSN Track Monitor 3.56 Crack & Serial Key

MSN Track Monitor Crack & Serial Key

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Download MSN Track Monitor [Crack]

MSN Track Monitor is a simple tool designed to intercept the MSN Messenger communication generated by the users on your network. It can be used by network administrators and concerned parents who need to check the conversations of employees or children.

The instant messaging clients are widely spread tools of communication and MSN Messenger is not an exception to the rule. However, since sometimes the communication can be contra-productive or dangerous for the children, it is better to have a tool that can monitor the conversations.

MSN Track Monitor aims to use the traffic data packets in order to view the active users from your network and read their conversations. It uses the WinPcap application to capture the network traffic and interprets it in order to present the data in a user-friendly fashion.

The interface of the program is simple and automatically detects traffic generated by the MSN Messenger. The only configuration required is to select the network adapter used for connecting with the network when you are using multiple adapters.

You can view the messages in the main window and save the intercepted conversations to a HTML report. This task can be automated by launching the application at the computer startup and entering the save location in the Options window.

Unfortunately, since MSN Messenger has been replaced by other instant messaging clients, MSN Track Monitor is no longer a viable option to record the online conversations. If you need to monitor the messages from Skype users you need to look for another solution.

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