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Multi Clipboard 21.08.01 Crack With Serial Number Latest

Multi Clipboard Crack With Serial Number Latest

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Download Multi Clipboard [Crack]

Multi Clipboard is a reliable and comprehensive application designed to help you save to clipboard thousands of bits of information, for whenever you need to use them.

The application displays thirty-three buttons per page and since a project can have any number of pages, you can save all the data you want and keep it handy, for future use.

Each button can be individually renamed and this way you do not forget what information they contain, being able to quickly find it when required. Every field can hold up to 10240 characters, thus the text you save can be quite extensive, more than just a few words.

Aside from offering you to possibility to rename them, Multi Clipboard also allows you to arrange the buttons in the order you prefer, so you can place the information you use most often in the top fields.

When you have to use the data saved to clipboard, you simply press the 'Copy' button at the left of the information field, then paste it wherever you need, be it in another program, an email or a web page, when filling out forms.

Additionally, the application provides you with an 'Auto Paste' function, so anything you copy in another program while Multi Clipboard is running can be instantly stored for later use.

Multi Clipboard can run at Windows startup in the taskbar as well as minimized in the system tray. This way, you have access to the saved data, but without the application getting in your way when you are working on something else.

Multi Clipboard is a great piece of software, especially if you constantly work with multiple bits of information. Multi Clipboard keeps it all handy, so you do not have to open thousands of files or web pages to copy the data you need.

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