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Multi-Copy-Paste Crack With Serial Number 2024

Multi-Copy-Paste Crack With Serial Number 2024

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Multi-Copy-Paste is a small clipboard monitoring tool that gives you full control over the items places in the Windows Clipboard.

The application was developed to automatically store all piece of text or files that reach the Clipboard and then let you reuse the data at any given moment.

It's all possible through a bit cluttered interface that may need a few minutes before you figure out the purpose of each tool, but it's all just a matter of time.

There are two tabs, "Text View" and "Files View", each providing access to the collected data.

The stored entries can be edited, removed or reused in any other application, while dedicated options enable you to paste or clear all items with just one click.

There are no options to play with, but Multi-Copy-Paste gives users the chance to save the list of stored items to a MCP file that can be later imported back in the app.

Just as expected, Multi-Copy-Paste runs on low resources and doesn't hamper system performance in any way, working smoothly on all Windows versions out there.

Overall, this is indeed a handy piece of software, but it undoubtedly needs many improvements to at least dream about attracting more users. A revised an more professional look with new features that would allow users take the most out of every single built-in tool could help a lot, and so could a details help manual to provide assistance throughout the entire process.

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