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MyJAL MediaPal 3.0806.0001 Activation Code Full Version

MyJAL MediaPal Activation Code Full Version

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MyJAL MediaPal is a media management software designed for Nextel Motorola iDEN phones. It allows users to personalize the content on their mobile devices by uploading applications, ringtones and wallpapers residing on the computer.

Owners of Nextel iDEN are familiar with the procedure one needs to go through in order to customize their device settings. Normally, ringtones, wallpapers and games can be downloaded and accommodated on the phone for a variable price. This is rather inconvenient, since paying every time you want to customize the phone isn’t an option for everyone.

MyJAL MediaPal comes to the rescue by creating a bridge between your local machine and your iDEN phone, allowing you to upload your own tunes and images on the device. In order for this to be accomplished, you need to connect the phone to the computer, then install the software and the device driver.

Following this process, you should be ready to start exploring the perks brought by the software. Sporting a simple, yet user-friendly interface, MyJAL MediaPal displays a short summary that includes memory storage info, as well as the mobile firmware in use.

You can upload three different content types: J2ME applications (including games), ringtones and wallpapers. Simply select the files to be uploaded and start experiencing with them on the mobile phone as soon as the upload process is completed.

You can repeat the operation each time you get bored of the current wallpaper or ringtone, or need a new Java Mobile application. It is a reliable choice for Nextel iDEN users, especially that it’s easy to use and complication free.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that MyJAL MediaPal is an extremely practical application you might just want to keep around if you own an iDEN phone. It basically takes the cost out of customization, greatly enhancing possibilities because it lets you make use of whatever media file you find on your hard disk drive.

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