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Navicat for MySQL 16.0.9 Crack & Serial Key

Navicat for MySQL Crack & Serial Key

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Navicat for MySQL aims to provide you with a database administration platform comprising a rich feature set that can meet the requirements of most demanding users. It sports a comprehensive data editor, SQL processing capabilities and data modeling and manipulation tools, enabling you to connect to multiple local or remote MySQL databases simultaneously.

While it is mainly intended for professional users, the applications is intuitive enough to help users who are new to MySQL or MariaDB to get accustomed with it from the first interaction. Its compatibility range includes MySQL Server 3.21 or above, Drizzle, OurDelta, Percona Server and MariaDB.

Aside from basic database administration functions such as data entry, table editing and creation or user management, it comes with importing and exporting capabilities, an integrated report generator, batch job scheduling, SSH and HTTP tunnel support, data and structure backup and synchronization tools and much more.

The data editor features syntax highlighting, code completion and formatting, multi-cell editing, incremental searching, filtering and data display options.

Database tables can be organized and relationships can be easily managed, while SQL queries are created using the visual SQL builder. You can also create parameter queries, interrogate stored procedures or events and generate INSERT statements.

The data modeling tools help you build models with multiple schemas, align and distribute objects, generate and print database diagrams and add them layers, images and notes or labels.

The application is capable of importing data from various sources, including Excel, ODBC, Access, as well as plain text formats (TXT, CSV, JSON, XML etc.).

To sum up, Navicat for MySQL can prove to be a reliable front end for database manipulation and administration. It bundles all the tools required for conducting database analysis and maintenance, with an intuitive SQL console and advanced data management capabilities.

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