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Navicat for PostgreSQL 16.0.14 Crack + Serial Number (Updated)

Navicat for PostgreSQL Crack + Serial Number (Updated)

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Navicat for PostgreSQL comes in handy for database administrators and for users who need to quickly manage and organize as many PostgreSQL connections as they want.

Using this application you are able to connect to any local or remote PostgreSQL database server, create and execute queries, functions, triggers and SQL scripts, synchronize data and generate various reports effortlessly.

The Object Designer function allows you to quickly create, modify and design database objects such as tables, functions and triggers, to name a few, set primary keys, view all the available foreign keys and preview the SQL script.

Using the ‘SQL Builder’ option you are able to create and edit queries and views without having to learn the proper usage of commands. It is divided into two sections that allow you to view the tables (which are connected between their primary keys) and the syntax. All you have to do is to choose the operation you want to perform over the tables and generate all the SQL statements automatically.

What’s more, the application comes with a code completion feature so you can create SQL scripts effortlessly. Whether you want to select specific commands or available properties of database objects, you can choose specific scripts from the drop-down list.

Furthermore, you can even create a database model from an existing database and edit its structure using the ‘Reverse Engineer’ option. Or, you can simply create a model then generate a database that is able to support your model.

Considering the data manipulation tools that each program comes with, Navicat for PostgreSQL allows you to import data into a table from diverse formats such as Access, TXT, CSV or JSON, transfer data between multiple databases, perform regular backups and schedule or run profiles at a specific time.

In closing, Navicat for PostgreSQL comes in handy for users who need to manage and organize various PostgreSQL objects, create tables, as well as analyze triggers and views.

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