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NEFView 2.0.1 Crack & Activation Code

NEFView Crack & Activation Code

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NEFView is an extension to the Windows Explorer that enables you to see thumbnail images of your Nikon Electronic Image Format (NEF) and JPEG 2000 files automatically in Explorer.

Thumbnail image capability for common image formats are built in to Windows, but not for NEF files, created by many Nikon cameras like the D70, D200, D1 and D2. NEFView adds that functionality with a simple, 3-click installation.

For 'list' views of file folders, a selected NEF file's thumbnail is displayed in the preview, thumbnail area. If the cursor is held over a NEF file, the 'tool tip' show EXIF information including exposure date and time, image size, shutter speed and f-stop, ISO setting, focal length, copyright and camera model.

If a 'thumbnails' view is selected, all NEF files are shown as a thumbnail image, just like JPEG and BMP images. unlike JPEG and BMP images, 'tool tips' for a NEF file show EXIF information.

For a quick preview, right-click on a thumbnail or file icon and choose Preview.

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