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Net Scanner 2.6 Crack Plus Activation Code

Net Scanner Crack Plus Activation Code

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Net Scanner is a network administration application that comes with a variate set of tools for managing workstations, converting hosts and running port scans. The program has not received any updates recently and therefore, some of its functions might not work properly or might be outdated. Nevertheless, it might come in handy for those who are still using old versions of Windows.

The application features a lookup function that you can use to resolve host names, which means you can get the IP address that corresponds to a user-defined domain and viceversa. The built-in port scanner can be used for testing a server or a host, determining available services and finding open ports. Administrators can use it to check the security of their networks.

In addition to this, you can use Net Scanner to get the computer name for your PC or even a remote workstation. The only thing you have to do is enter the local or the remote IP address and the application automatically retrieves the station name.

Net Scanner also comes with a whois tool that enables you to find out information about or related to a domain registration record, its owner and the contact details, the status, the creation and the expiration date and so on.

A ping function is also available and administrators can use it to send connection requests to a certain domain or IP address, in order to determine whether it is reachable across the network.

The program features a simplistic and old-looking interface, that reminds you of the standard appearance of windows in the first versions of the Windows operating system.

During our tests, the application crashed when trying to use the ‘whois’ function and the ‘ping’ tool did not function properly. On the other hand, we were able to retrieve the local computer name and resolve host names.

Net Scanner comes with a set of tools that every administrator needs for managing a network. However, its functions are outdated and sometimes do not work at all, thus you might want to search for a more recent application that can do the same and more.

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