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NetChanger 2.32 Crack Plus Serial Key

NetChanger Crack Plus Serial Key

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NetChanger is an application that you can use to quickly change the configuration of your network adapter.

Especially useful for users accessing multiple networks with the same laptop, NetChanger supports as many configuration profiles as you want, showing them all in the main window for a quick switch.

Creating a new profile isn’t that difficult if you know the settings of your network, so in case DHCP isn’t available, you have to provide IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS server and MAC address information.

NetChanger can also show and save the current settings, but it also allows you to define the default configuration and quickly revert to this profile whenever it’s needed.

If there’s something that needs to be improved it’s the way you can change profiles. Hotkey support is also needed to quickly switch to a different configuration, but the app also comes with a System Tray icon to let you enable a previously configured profile with just a few clicks.

Although it can run minimized to Tray, it doesn’t affect system performance in any way, running smoothly on all Windows versions on the market. Administrator privileges are however required on Windows 7 workstations in order to change network settings.

All things considered, NetChanger is one of the many apps developed to enhance the overall experience of jumping from one network configuration to another. You can define as many profiles as you want and the app needs only basic technical knowledge.

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