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NETEagle Xtreme 1.00 Crack + Serial Key Download

NETEagle Xtreme Crack + Serial Key Download

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Download NETEagle Xtreme [Crack]

NETEagle Xtreme is one of the tools designed to optimize your Internet connection and thus benefit from increased download and upload speed.

The program is fairly easy to use, as all the features are grouped in the main and only window. Plus, the whole process comes down to just a few clicks, because you just need to pick the operating system and the connection type.

NETEagle Xtreme supports most Windows versions released till now, including Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista, but also multiple connection types, such as dialup modem, cable modem, satellite, LAN, ISDN, DSL and wireless.

As said, the whole optimization process comes down to picking the operating system and the connection type, while NETEagle Xtreme takes care of the rest of the job for you.

In case you're wondering how it works, the help file included in the package can answer all your questions. For example, it increases transfer rates with ICS, it adjusts memory allocation to modem and TTL settings, it increases HTTP request limit and optimizes MTU, MSS and TCP/IP packet forwarding.

NETEagle Xtreme didn't seem to bring any significant speed boost on our testing machine, so don't expect it to do wonders, especially if your Internet connection is not capable of a greater speed.

Overall, NETEagle Xtreme is worth a try, especially because it promises to give us the high download and upload speed we're all dreaming about. It is addressed to both beginners and more experienced users and has no problem to run on any Windows version out there.

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