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Network Controller 1.2 Crack Full Version

Network Controller Crack Full Version

Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP


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Tampering with network connections on a computer seldom requires daily attention because as soon as the LAN and Internet traffic is up and running, users will leave that area or PC management alone. Nonetheless, there are cases in which it is required to swap connections quite often, especially when working with portable systems like notebooks or netbooks.

In order to make the transit from one network to another more facile by avoiding to go through several configuration menus to deactivate one connection then activate the other, a utility like Network Controller might come in quite handy.

It is essentially a very simple tool that takes care of a single task and servers as a switch for turning on and off the network connections that are available onto your system. Through a simple and practical interface this program makes all its functions easily accessible.

As soon as you start Network Controller, it will scan the computer and display immediately the available connections, accompanied by some basic information. Thus, you can view the connection as well as the device names and their current state.

Disabling and enabling the listed connections is one click away using the dedicated commands from the lower side of the main window. There are separate buttons for each of the above mentioned actions while a third one can be used for toggling the connection state if you don't want to use the other two.

A neat feature of Network Controller is its ability to generate desktop shortcuts for any supported action. This can be very helpful for those who prefer to make the needed modification without having to open the application and bring up its GUI.

On the whole, this software solution can prove to be quite useful, even if it could receive some extra features like scheduling the tasks or setting a limited time for such an action.

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