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Network Drive Manager 2.8.0 Crack + Activation Code

Network Drive Manager Crack + Activation Code

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Download Network Drive Manager [Crack]

Network Drive Manager is a lightweight software application whose purpose is to help you manage network drives. The tool lets you connect and activate all network drives during a Windows logon session, and automatically reconnects them in order to prevent deactivation.

The program impresses with its straightforward design that allows you to monitor multiple drives and view information about each one, such as letter, name, configured location, current location, and percentage of free space.

A log panel is embedded at the bottom of the GUI for helping you monitor details about all performed actions and possible errors.

You are given the freedom to add a brand-new network drive by providing details about the drive letter, network location and name. Plus, you can set up authentication parameters (username and password).

Network Drive Manager is able to run a user-defined program and mount TrueCrypt volumes when the current network drive is connected.

What’s more, you can connect or disconnect all drives or only the selected one, remove network drives from the list, view properties, and open the target location.

Network Drive Manager gives you the option to connect network drives at startup, disable notification messages, and enable double-clicks in order to explore network drives. You can also run the utility at Window startup, specify the location of the TrueCrypt program for mounting volumes, and dismount the volume on exit.

Advanced configuration settings are implemented for helping you force the disconnection of network drives, disconnect unknown network drives at startup, remove all drives on exit, as well as set the reconnection time interval and number of reconnection attempts.

All things considered, Network Drive Manager offers a straightforward solution for helping you ensure all network drives are connected and kept alive, and can be mastered by beginners and professional alike.

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