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Network Inventory Expert Crack With License Key

Network Inventory Expert Crack With License Key

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If you are looking into a way of assessing the computers on your network, a software utility such as Network Inventory Expert might be exactly what you need.

The program is capable of collecting a multitude of information about the PCs belonging to a specific network without requiring an agent, which streamlines your work considerably.

First of all, users should know that the setup process is undemanding, and once the application is up and running, you are prompted with a feature-rich GUI that manages to remain easy to navigate.

Before anything else, you need to find the computers on your network, with the possibility of adding them from Active Directory or a file. Besides, selecting a specific IP range or host names should make the results more accurate since you can collect strictly data that is of interest to you.

As for what kind of details the program can check for, it is worth mentioning that anything from OS to processor type, motherboard and chassis to memory size, multimedia devices, MAC and IP addresses, shared resources, startup programs, and running processes can be scanned.

The amount of information the program can gather about your assets is impressive, to say the least, but there is no need to collect it in bulk. Turning to the “File” menu allows you to customize your scan and include only relevant aspects.

Apart from that, scheduling tasks can be done with the help of this tool so that you can automate the process, at the end of which comprehensive reports can be generated. And since we have touched upon the subject, you should know that as far as the output  file formats are concerned, support for CSV, MS Excel, HTML, RTF, and more is offered. Besides, exporting the data to MS SQL is possible.

On an ending note, Network Inventory Expert is a responsive piece of software whose purpose is to scan the nodes on a specific network. The app can generate rich reports containing hardware info as well as software data you can subsequently analyze.

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