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NetWorx Portable 7.0.2 Activator Full Version

NetWorx Portable Activator Full Version

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NetWorx Portable is a simple and easy-to-use application whose main function is to monitor and evaluate the status of your Internet bandwidth.

It enables you to collect information concerning bandwidth usage for you and other computer users, and determine your Internet speed (or any other network connection). Thanks to NetWorx Portable, you can easily identify any network issues along with their source. In addition, you can use it to make sure that you do not exceed any bandwidth limits imposed by your ISP provider.

The software application comes loaded with customizable alerts and sounds to warn you on critical events that demand your attention, such as a limited network connection or dubious activities resembling hacking behavior.

After monitoring your Internet speed and usage, NetWorx Portable can generate line charts and graphs containing all the relevant statistics, making them easily readable from a visual standpoint. They include evaluations for several units of time: day, week and month. This enables you to view the whole picture and notice if a certain situation is recurrent or singular. The generated reports can be exported to several formats, such as XLS, RTF, HTML, TXT or CSV.

Moreover, the program supplies you with a Trace Route tool to determine the path taken by a data packet across the Internet, by entering a host name or IP address. Other functions include a Ping feature that sends out an echo to a specific PC on a network to determine if it is currently running, together with the Connection Monitor utility that regularly pings a number of user-defined hosts to evaluate your connection status.

Taking everything into consideration, NetWorx Portable proves to be a useful tool with a wide variety of functions essential for network administrators but also for casual users who simply want to know what is going on with their Internet bandwidth.

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