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Neuratron AudioScore Professional 3.1.0 Activator Full Version

Neuratron AudioScore Professional Activator Full Version

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Besides tickling your ears with sound that appeals to you, one can also read and write music if theory is known. Creating an audio work of art is not only done by playing an instrument as you see fit and have it recorded, but also creating scores with notes properly placed. This can easily be done with the help of specialized applications such as Neuratron AudioScore Professional.

The application gives you the possibility to unleash your imagination in order to create a masterpiece from scratch. There are several instruments put at your disposal so that you get the desired sound. You can choose from flute, violin, piano, guitar and several more, including voice.

You can also insert an existing song or recorded session and have notes arranged or modified according to your liking. Sound can be displayed either in a piano view, where all notes are shown in a grid, emphasized by rectangles you easily place around.

At any given time, you are able to hit the “Play” button in order to get a glimpse of what your work sounds like. Moreover, you can switch to a score view in case music theory is your friend. Anything can be modified, from clef, time signature, barlines, as well as text to better emphasize the score.

A toolbax put at your disposal offers symbols and notes you can easily place on the score. Up to four simultaneous instruments can be added to fully create a masterpiece. Once you work is done, it can be saved to file or even have the score printed out on a sheet of paper in case you want to play it yourself.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Neuratron AudioScore Professional is a complex environment in which you can craft songs while putting music theory to good use. Various tools offer nearly endless creation possibilities and the friendly interface gets you quickly up and running.

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