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NextGen AntiKeylogger Ultimate Crack With License Key

NextGen AntiKeylogger Ultimate Crack With License Key

Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2K


Download NextGen AntiKeylogger Ultimate [Crack]

NextGen AntiKeylogger, as seen from its name, is the next generation anti-keylogger program that protects your data from all types of keylogging programs both known, unknown or being developed right now. NextGen AntiKeylogger uses unique method of protection.

It intercepts keystrokes at the lowest possible level, encrypts them and sends via its own protected path directly into the protected application. Thus, by using its own encrypted keystrokes path, NextGen AntiKeylogger defeats all types of software keyloggers.

Moreover, unlike anti-keyloggers which are based on proactive protection, NextGen AntiKeylogger has no false-positives. It works out-of-the-box, requiring no additional configuration!

Even inexperienced user can use it. In fact it takes only a few clicks to install NextGen AntiKeylogger. Still, experienced users will also have the possibility to customize any option they may wish to modify!

NextGen AntiKeylogger Ultimate - everything you have ever wanted from anti-keylogger. Protects web browsers, instant messagers, text editors, password managers, archiving applications, e-mail clients and online games, office applications, file managers, cryptographic software, Telnet/Ftp, finance, tax and accounting applications.

Protects 101 applications in total. An application you need to protect is not in the protected applications list? Write to us and we will add it within 10 days. If you are a computer user or a business owner, if you work in government or military agencies, - NextGen AntiKeylogger will help you to protect your privacy against invasions.

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