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NKRemote 3.5 Crack + Serial Number Download 2021

NKRemote Crack + Serial Number Download 2021

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Download NKRemote [Crack]

NKRemote is an innovative application that provides photographers with a modern way of handling photo shooting tasks while dealing with the customers.

The idea behind it is to implement the possibility to control a Nikon device remotely, so as to be able to continue taking photos while customers can check out the results on a computer. The connection between the PC and the camera can be achieved via a USB device.

NKRemote was designed specifically for DSLR cameras produced by Nikon and sports support for various models, older and newer altogether. Installation is quite easy and so is the setup, since the application automatically detects the camera that is connected to the computer.

With NKRemote, you will be able to take photos remotely from the computer, however, using the device’s shutter release also remains an option. This is because the camera remains functional at all times, despite being attached to the computer.

Obviously, the pictures taken with the device will immediately become available on the computer screen in live mode. During this time, feel free to take new photos, as this will not tamper in any way with the program’s functionality.

The application can also arrange for you to adjust the focus of the device, as well as to take time-lapse shots and to preview images with effects such as black and white. Not to mention that the photos can be directly stored onto a freely chosen location on the PC.

By far, the most attractive of its features is the Photo Booth mode through which the camera can capture a sequence of images automatically and print them at the end of the process. This is quite similar to an actual photo booth, hence the name of the option.

Overall, NKRemote comes across as an extremely versatile application that can synchronize the process of taking photos with that of handing them over to your customers. The benefit that comes from this is quite significant.

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