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Npust Anti-Spyware 8.0.6 Crack + Keygen Download

Npust Anti-Spyware Crack + Keygen Download

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Download Npust Anti-Spyware [Crack]

Npust Anti-Spyware has been created to detect the availability of spying software on the system and foiling their activity before sensitive information is leaked.

The purpose of the application is to safeguard against monitoring programs that can surreptitiously intercept keystrokes and log the activity on the system through image capturing and other methods.

It comes with a straightforward interface that sports a small number of menus, which makes it suitable for beginner users and more experienced ones alike.

Configuring it requires just a simple adjustment of the heuristics level to higher or lower setting. There is also the possibility to create a list of exclusions, which are programs that should not be scanned.

These can be programs that have been flagged erroneously by the product or that have been installed legitimately on the system.

The scan process does not take long and at the end of the operation the user is provided with a report of the findings. This includes details about the detected data, including the location of the malicious file on the disk.

Because it relies on heuristics, Npust Anti-Spyware does not require a set of signatures to detect spying software.

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