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NTI Ninja Crack With Activator

NTI Ninja Crack With Activator

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP


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Working with sensitive data can be tricky and, sooner or later, users will end up looking for a resolve for protecting their information. There are numerous software packages that offer such solutions and one of them is NTI Ninja. It will provide people with a different approach, by protecting their data through a partitioning process. The application will create two partitions: one public and one private (password protected with 256 bit AES encryption), where one will be able to store all important data.

NTI Ninja comes packed with a small interface that is populated with catchy drawings and instrument panel-like buttons. Users will be able to select their preferred USB device and the application will list the available space for the partitioning process.

If one chooses to create the protected partitions, the utility will employ a short wizard that will allow people to define the parameters of their data protection. The disk space for the public and private partitions can be allocated manually, at users’ preferences and the application allows them to enter a custom password for protecting the private partition.

Being accessible also from the tray area, NTI Ninja will allow people to easily change the password for their private partition, right from the tray menu. After the formatting process is completed, users will find in the root directory of their PCs, two partitions, named “My Public” and “My Private”.

The fact that it names the partitions without user confirmation might not be appreciated by many, as this common naming convention could disclose the purpose of the partitions right away. Furthermore, experienced users will surely demand a more advanced set of features, especially in the settings module, where they can only select a formatting type.

Those in need of a straightforward and easy-to-use tool for protecting their sensitive data, might make a good decision in choosing this app. It will allow them to protect their information onto a USB device, by creating two partitions, one of which will be password-protected. Nevertheless, in spite of its easy handling and swift operation, experienced users might not be satisfied with its narrow range of features.

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salamat sa inyo para sa patch


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salamat sa inyo para sa serial


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