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OCR Professional 3.1 Crack With License Key Latest

OCR Professional Crack With License Key Latest

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Many users rely on scanners to send documents to their business partners located in other cities or even countries, since this method is much faster than sending the files in the mail.

However, the recipients needs to turn to dedicated software solutions to extract the information they require from the scanned images, and such an app is OCR Professional.

The graphic interface is meant to be not only simplistic, but also user-friendly, so that even people with little PC skills can benefit from its functions.

You basically need to browse to the scanned file you want to process, or you can just drag and drop it onto the main window if you want to save time. Next, you can start the optical character recognition and preview the detected text.

If you are not entirely pleased with the extracted text or if some words were not correctly recognized, you can further modify it to your liking.

In order to make sure the extraction process goes smoothly, you should first prepare the source images by deskewing or rotating it to the proper angle, so that the text can be detected by OCR Professional.

You can also choose the page segmentation mode you like best, zoom in or out on the currently open image, be it PNG, TIFF, GIF, JPEG or BMP.

Another handy feature of the app is its Bulk OCR mode, that enables you to simply select the source folder and the output one, then initiate the process to have all your scanned documents turned into text files.

All in all, OCR Professional can come in handy to all those who want to quickly extract text from their scanned files, even if they are skewed or mistakenly rotated.

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