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OfficeTalk 4.1.3 Crack + Serial Key (Updated)

OfficeTalk Crack + Serial Key (Updated)

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OfficeTalk is an integrated productivity solution providing : Customer and Contact Relationship Management, Time Management (Calendaring and To-dos), Communication Management (Email and Instant Messaging), and Deliverables Management (Task Management).

OfficeTalk is breaking all of the traditional customer relationship management software (CRM) rules by providing a powerful, low-cost, multi-user application that runs with an open-architecture client/server relational database. Go ahead and look around, you simply will not find another CRM application on the market that delivers OfficeTalk's features in its price range. If your organization has outgrown a personal contact manager like ACT!, Outlook or a home-grown database and is looking for a true CRM solution that is both low-cost and simple to implement, then look no further than OfficeTalk.

OfficeTalk's core feature set includes company and contact relationship management, group and individual calendaring, project and task management, email and instant messaging, and document management. Moreover, all of this information is in a central database, accessible to everyone. However, it's not just the individual features that make OfficeTalk so powerful, it's the way in which they are linked together to create relationships that make your business more efficient and profitable.

OfficeTalk - calendars

Fully featured personal calendars with the functionality you need

Your calendar provides configurable daily, weekly and monthly views plus a custom view of up to 100 days and even a list view. The daily view can show any other time zone as well as your own, and can show time slots from 5 minutes upwards. Appointments can be made directly into any of the views for ease and speed, or with a dialog if more information, such as a reminder, notes, or data for custom fields is required. Notes are in rich text and you can attach documents. Appointments may be marked as tentative and also private, ensuring full confidentiality. Overlapping bookings are also possible. Comprehensive facilities are provided for scheduling repeat appointments. All appointments can be stretched to the required duration. Editing appointments is easy, with copy and paste, in place editing, and drag and drop to different time slots or days.

Fast and easy access to your colleagues' calendars

Access to your colleague's calendars can be as important as access to your own. With the right access rights you can access any user or resource calendar quickly and simply - just select the user's name from a drop-down list. And with the right access rights, you can also edit other user's calendars, so secretaries can manage their bosses' calendars and supervisors can manage their team calendars. And when you've finished, you can return to your own calendar with just a simple click.

Unlimited free calendars for meeting rooms and other resources

OfficeTalk also provides calendars for an unlimited number of resources, from meeting rooms to laptops, or even people who never log in to OfficeTalk. And, again, full control of access rights is provided.

OfficeTalk - contact management

Contact management features

OfficeTalk's Company view means a a Company window, Contact Group window, and a Details window. The Contact Group window shows all contact groups to which you have at least visible access. When you first enter Contact mode, the All Contact Group is open by default, giving you access to company records that are public. The Company Window contains fields for a company's full address, phone and fax numbers, and any custom fields you choose to show. The Details window contains three tabs, giving you access to the company's employees, its contact history, and a list of pending tasks, appointments, and meetings with the company.

Most personal information management systems (PIMS) like ACT! and Outlook do contact management the wrong way for companies that have customers, suppliers and partners with multiple contacts. They require you to create duplicate company information for each contact record. So your business is not only wasting time but also is unable to clearly see all the relationships and records tied to a particular customer, supplier or partner. This poor design is sure to cause inefficiencies by forcing your employees to dig for information scattered throughout your customer database.

OfficeTalk was designed the right way by allowing you to create a single company record with separate records for each contact linked to it. Then, all the calendar entries, tasks, emails, documents, notes, conversations, etc. are linked to the company and individual contacts. It's the same way that top-tier enterprise CRM applications like Siebel, PeopleSoft and SAP are designed, but OfficeTalk is much easier to use and is a fraction of the cost.

While OfficeTalk offers a highly robust set of standard features, we also realise that every business is unique. That's why OfficeTalk's contact and customer relationship management (CRM) mode has loads of customisable features. For example, OfficeTalk's flexible transactional note, the "Conversation", can be quickly tailored using straightforward customisation to provide simple Opportunity and Issue management that is specific to your business. In fact, OfficeTalk is so simple and flexible you'll have it tailored to your business or workgroup in no time. If your requirements are more sophisticated, you will find layout controls, customisable HTML tabs and a full application programming interface allowing you to extend and integrate OfficeTalk in any way imaginable.

Here are some key features of "OfficeTalk":

■ Public or private companies & contacts

■ Multiple addresses per company

■ Multiple contacts per company address

■ Multiple centrally held email, fax & phone details per contact & company

■ Company, Contact, Directory & History views Active search & retrieve of companies or contacts

■ Create unlimited user-defined contact groups for merges or categorizing

■ Companies & contacts can belong to multiple groups

■ Store notes & attach files against companies & contacts

■ Document templating, creation & archiving by company and contact Create custom fields against companies and contacts

■ Email creation & archiving by company and contact

■ Assign follow-up tasks directly with links to company and/or contact

■ Automatic tracking of status of follow-up tasks

■ Automatic mail-merging into word-processor

■ Automatically store all communications as transactions for centrally held contact history

■ Simple opportunity and issue tracking Automatic dialing

■ Search, sort, group & filter contacts, companies & contact histories

■ Store searches and filters for re-use

■ Dynamically filter contacts, companies & history

■ Sync contacts, companies & conversations with Palm

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