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OGM to AVI Converter 3.1.1 Crack Full Version

OGM to AVI Converter Crack Full Version

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Download OGM to AVI Converter [Crack]

OGM to AVI Converter is an easy to use Windows tool designed to help you convert OGM files to AVI with minimum effort.

Although video conversion isn't quite the kind of task addressed to beginners, the interface of the program makes everything very easy to use for all types of users.

Clean and intuitive, the main window of the program groups the most important features, which means you can easily open a video and convert it on the go.

The whole video conversion process is quite straightforward, but for a bit more customization of the output file, it's strongly recommended to have a look in the options menu.

Once you're here, you are allowed to configure the name of the output file and its location, the resolution, which can be either the original size or a custom one, frame rates, resize mode, video and audio compressor.

It's more or less obvious that OGM to AVI Converter remains a very easy to use product, but in case you need assistance on any of the aforementioned features, you can always have a look in the manual available under the help section.

OGM to AVI Converter has a fairly quick conversion engine and the program proved stable and reliable during our test, working just fine on all Windows versions.

All things considered, OGM to AVI Converter is a decent app to convert OGM files to AVI, offering just a limited amount of options to customize the output file.

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