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Optimik 4.20 Crack With Keygen Latest 2024

Optimik Crack With Keygen Latest 2024

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Optimik is a simple to use, multi-functional software that enables you to optimize your board cutting plans, as well as to manage your business. The software is especially created for carpenter, glassmaker, sheet material cutter or window maker companies that wish to optimize their performance and store records of commissioned jobs.

Optimik enables you to design specific cutting plans according to mandatory parameters, such as material, size, thickness and model. Each piece that you trim from the large board is purposed for further manipulation into assembly parts. This is why you can create specific cutting templates for furniture, windows or other items, then simply adjust the dimensions.

The Jobs tab allows you to keep a record of all the objects commissioned for cutting, the list of available materials, parts per product and afferent prices for each unit. The Cutting plans tab includes the actual drawings applied on each board for cutting. A cutting plan needs to be configured according to the type of material and shape of the raw piece. The software can set up separate cutting jobs for panel materials, bars, edging strips or custom pieces.

Optimik can also help you with the administrative side of your business, by allowing you to create a personal database, as well as to import information from other sources. You may keep track of the products your company can produce, the material stocks, operations and types of services. Moreover, it can generate payment notices, invoices, bills and order forms that are ready for printing.

The Business partners tab is dedicated to creating a database section of both customers and suppliers. Each business associate profile can include the name, company, address, contact details and particularities. Moreover, you can create discount profiles, apply different percentages of VAT or add warning notes.

With Optimik, you can monitor several aspects of your business, including financial, administrative, PR and designing cutting patterns. The software enables you to create an extensive database, with multiple different sections, designed to help you cover the administrative needs of your company as well as to offer you a centralized overview upon all the departments and commissioned jobs.

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