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OtraUnit Data Recovery 4.3 Crack + Activator Updated

OtraUnit Data Recovery Crack + Activator Updated

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OtraUnit Data Recovery is a simple to use and powerful application, capable of detecting lost or deleted files that originated on your system, then recover them. The software can perform thorough system scans and identify data lost by accidental deletion, due to formatting, re-partition, system crash or virus attack.

OtraUnit Data Recovery offers several types of system scan, according to which partition your files originated on. Thus, you can easily select the drive you wish to analyze or let the software perform a full scan, including system folders and hidden items. The process is quick, accurate and returns all the results, without leaving out partial recovered files.

Thus, the Fast Scan function allows you to select the drive you wish to analyze, then proceeds to searching through configuration files, Windows folder, programs and user preferences. The lost files are generally indicated in the designated folder, but other directories may also contain traces of the documents you are searching for. The Full Scan allows you to analyze the entire system or the specified range, while the Volume Deep Scan specializes on detecting certain file types on the selected drive.

Each type of scan supports filtering the results, one way or another. For instance, in Fast scan and Full scan, you can apply the filter directly to the results, while in Volume Deep Scan and Disk Deep Scan, the filters are required before the process starts. Moreover, in Fast and Full scan modes you can sort the results by the date created/modified/deleted, by size and by extension.

The other two types of system scanning require only file type filtering, however, the list of supported extension is much larger. Moreover, the software supports performing partition recovery and creating disk backups, by copying the entire amount of data from a particular drive.

OtraUnit Data Recovery is a reliable and effective software that allows you to recover a large amount of lost files. It supports a multitude of file formats, a wide variety of file sizes and it can easily send them to the specified location. You can save the recovered files to a different disk, different hard drive, even on a flash memory drive, as long as it is recognized as a logical Windows drive.

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