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OxyBook Crack + Activation Code Download 2024

OxyBook Crack + Activation Code Download 2024

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Contacts in your phone can hold various helpful info and provide a quick means to get in tough with people when in need. Connecting your mobile device to the computer every now and then is inevitable, for updating your multimedia content. However, your contacts list can be saved and managed also with the computer, using applications such as OxyBook.

The application's interface gets you up and running in a jiffy due to its clever design. Most of the space is dedicated to viewing and handling contacts, with a side panel providing quick access to tool you work with.

A connection wizard makes sure you can access all of your phone's details. Several steps need to be taken, with helpful and detailed info displayed. You need to provide your phone's brand and model, with an abundance of entries available to choose from. However, the application did not receive updates in some time, with newest models not available in the list.

Connection can be done either through cable or Bluetooth, with no option for a wireless connection. If your mobile device is on the lucky list you can still make good use of what the application has to offer. General details are displayed once the connection is set up, with details automatically saved so you don't have to run the wizard again.

In terms of management, the application lets you thoroughly edit contacts or even add new ones. Amongst others, available editing fields let you set up basic info and contact details, attribute a picture, custom ringtone, with the possibility to also include details regarding occupation, address, or even private info.

All things considered, OxyBook is a neat tool to keep around for thorough contacts management. Even though newest mobile device models are not included in the list, it can still aid with older acquisitions. Connection is easily done and remembered, with its intuitive design posing no accommodation problems whatsoever.

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