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Oxynger KeyShield 2.2.0 Crack + Serial Number

Oxynger KeyShield Crack + Serial Number

Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 7


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Most users are concerned to keep their personal data private and avoid having sensitive information stolen by third-party apps that may be running onto their computers or from a remote location when accessing various websites.

This kind of protection may be part of the security solution you have on-board, but in case it isn't, or if you simply want to be extra careful with the mouse clicks and keys pressed, a tool like Oxynger KeyShield may be the winning ticket for your peace of mind.

Basically a virtual on-screen keyboard, this application hides a lot more under its fair cloak. It comes with a resizable GUI and nicely designed keys that you can use when trying to avoid the connected keyboard, whose input may be tracked.

Especially created to defend the system against keyloggers and other similar utilities that may be used for malicious purposes, Oxynger KeyShield employs several methods to make it impossible for these programs to record mouse and keyboard input.

First of all, the logging protection for the connected pointing device consists of a random keyboard layout that can be generated on demand, with a single click, from the 'Options' window. If you want to preserve that arrangement and have it loaded the next times you open the software, simply check 'Save keyboard layout'.

A neat trick that can be very helpful if you are in a public place, with people around you, is the so-called 'Shoulder Surfing Protection'. When this setting is active, no key on the virtual keyboard will be highlighted. Also, you can enable the 'Small Keys' and 'Small black dot Cursor' functions to have two supplementary protective measures.

All in all, Oxynger KeyShield is indeed a quite useful application that can help a lot any user when they need some special safety measures to prevent unauthorized access to their private information.

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