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Ozone RAM Optimizer 3.0 Crack With Activation Code

Ozone RAM Optimizer Crack With Activation Code

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Computer performance is very important, especially if you are working with multiple applications at the same time, which can slow the system down considerably. Ozone RAM Optimizer is a simple program designed to increase your computer's speed and use the available RAM much more efficiently.

As its name states, Ozone RAM Optimizer offers you the possibility to manage the RAM usage, thus allowing your computer to run faster. This comes in really handy when you have multiple RAM consuming applications opened at the same time, as this utility can help you avoid system failures.

The application has a user-friendly interface that allows you to view a real time report of the available physical RAM and its usage in percent.

The current values are displayed in a table that also includes information about the virtual RAM and the systems' page file. Moreover, at the push of a button, you can change the view to chart mode, in order to easily monitor the evolution of RAM usage.

One advantage that Ozone RAM Optimizer offers is the ease of access to its features. Once you push the 'Optimize' button, the program releases the user-defined RAM percentage and frees up space, which makes your computer load the files faster and easier, while helping you avoid any possible system crashes.

Users can customize Ozone RAM Optimizer's settings according to their needs and preferences. From the Options section of Ozone RAM Optimizer, they can change the time interval, as well as the release percent. Furthermore, the skin can be changed and the program can be set to begin at startup or run in the system tray.

Ozone RAM Optimizer is a powerful, yet easy-to-use RAM manager, designed to increase overall computer performance, prevent failures and slow-downs. However, the application is mostly suitable on Windows XP since the more recent operating systems integrate RAM management features.

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