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PaperPort Professional 14.7.19464.100 Crack Full Version

PaperPort Professional Crack Full Version

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PaperPort Professional is a reliable tool for scanning, storing and managing documents on your computer. The application can easily organize the files into compact groups by generating PDFs, as well as configure scanning profiles, schedule indexing or creating bookmarks.

PaperPort Professional is a powerful tool, designed to help you organize, share, stack and store documents, pictures, presentations, spreadsheets or other type of data files. Its purpose of to increase the work productivity of the team, reduce costs and offer an improved customer service.

The application comes with several components, such as an intuitive PDF creator, a comprehensive PDF viewer or a cloud tool, for quick file sharing. Moreover, the application can easily index the selected folders and generate lists with keywords. This step is dedicated to improving the file searching task and assigning proper keywords to documents.

PaperPort Professional can associate with various programs, in order to open the selected files, from local folder or from remote FTP locations.

PaperPort Professional features a scanning assistant, designed to help you acquire the digital documents from the scanner device. You may easily arrange the selected files into the workspace displayed in the main window, as well as set bookmarks for it and resume your tasks at any time.

The program allows you to modify the files’ properties, such as rename the item, add author, comments and keywords. Depending on the file type, more or less attributes can be set. Other functions allow you to move or duplicate files, as well as group the selected ones in a PDF stack. The program features image adjusting tools, such as rotate, resize, auto-crop or enhance colors.

Not only does PaperPort Professional allow you to centralize documents, stack them up or quickly modify them, but you may also print the selected files. The program can easily work with all-in-one devices, for scanning, faxing, printing. Additionally, you can upload the desired items to a cloud account and synchronize network stations, tablets or mobile phones.

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