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Parnian for QuarkXPress 3.1 Crack + Serial Number Updated

Parnian for QuarkXPress Crack + Serial Number Updated

Windows XP, Windows 2K


Download Parnian for QuarkXPress [Crack]

Parnian is a professional QuarkXPress XTensions program which helps you publish in Arabic/Farsi. Ideally suited for professional publishers, Parnian transforms QuarkXPress into a professional Arabic/Farsi desktop publishing software, with no need for an Arabic/Farsi Operating System.

Parnian is designed for use with Macintosh OSX and Windows xp.

Here are some key features of "Parnian for QuarkXPress":

■ Add Right to Left (RL) TextBox to QuarkXPress .

■ Type Arabic (with kashida), Farsi (with kashida), Russia and Armenian on QuarkXPress.

■ Add Arabic/Farsi style to QuarkXPress.

■ Arabic/Farsi text find.

■ Import and Export Arabic/Farsi program documents (RTF, MSWord 97/2000/xp/2003 ,HTML, Zarnegar original format, Nashreh Alef, Vajeh Negar and ...).

■ Arabic/Farsi spell checker.

■ Keyboard changer.

■ Arabic/Farsi List and Index.

■ Auto kashida.

■ Add symbol manager and special characters to QuarkXPress.

■ Add Type Assist for all languages to QuarkXPress.

■ Arabic/Farsi page number (number, Abajad ,....).

■ Arabic/Farsi facing mode.

■ Over 150 Arabic/Farsi high quality fonts.

■ Compatible with other Parnian products (Parnian Xtra, Parnian Page, ....)

■ Full compatibility between Macintosh version and Windows version of Parnian XTension.

■ Professional table tools for QuarkXPress 4.1x , 5 & 6.

■ Professional cross table tools for QuarkXPress 4.1x , 5 & 6.

■ New Object Align.

■ Bullets & Numbering.

■ Professional document manager.

■ Autobox Continue

■ Professional Graph tools.

■ Error Finder

■ Impose Arbaic/Farsi documents.

■ Impose Roman documents.

■ Impose on 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 64.... pages format.

■ Multi document imposer.

■ PS/EPS/TIFF/PDF document imposer

■ Impose Layout Maker

Parnian for QuarkXPress Crack + Serial Number Updated Parnian for QuarkXPress Crack + License Key Updated Parnian for QuarkXPress Crack Plus Serial Number

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