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Password Discovery 2.2 Crack With Serial Key

Password Discovery Crack With Serial Key

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Download Password Discovery [Crack]

Password Discovery is a compact program that intends to help you reveal the passwords masked with asterisks or other characters from certain applications. It can be useful when you need to recover a forgotten password required to access an Internet website from a different computer or browser.

It is quite easy to forget a password that is stored in a browser or by other applications. For instance, the broadband connection credentials that Windows stores in order to quickly connect to the Internet. This application aims to help you recover the password directly from the login window, if you forget or lose the information.

The program can also display the hidden characters from other applications that save login credentials such as FTP clients or instant messaging clients. In our tests the program successfully revealed the passwords from CuteFTP, LeapFTP and Yahoo Messenger.

Its interface is very simple; therefore it requires insignificant system resources to run. It is quite easy to use since you only need to drag a magnifying glass over the password field. Unfortunately, the program does not work with Internet browsers as most of them simply ignore the cursor. Internet Explorer 9 freezes and needs to be restarted if you attempt to reveal a password.

The passwords are displayed instantly and you can copy-paste the password to another document. The program does not provide the option to export the password to a text file or to store the passwords in order to use them later.

When you want to retrieve the password from Windows or FTP clients, Password Discovery can be a useful tool. But if you want to recover a password saved by Internet Explorer or Firefox you need to find another solution.

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