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Password Manager 1.0.39603.45289 Crack Full Version

Password Manager Crack Full Version

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In the era of Internet, e-mails, social networking and multiple user accounts on various websites or forums, remembering all the different passwords or settings for all of them is not a valid option. Password Manager is exactly what its name says: a tool designed to securely store log in information and offer easy access to it.

When you start the application for the first time you are prompted to insert a master password, a function that proves to be very useful.

Actually, that's how it's supposed to be: one password to rule them all. You need to pay attention to this operation because it protects all your passwords in the application's database.

The intuitive interface makes the application extremely easy to use. Just four buttons are available on the toolbar: "New," "Settings," "Password," "Panic," each with its own functionality. The master password can be quickly changed using the “Password” button.

The utility is able to store and manage usernames, passwords and URLs and guard data with the help of the powerful 256-bit AES encryption algorithm (Rijndael).

The good thing about this program is the ability to easily integrate with Internet Explorer, as it can automatically detect and save authentication data from websites. With a push of a button Password Manager opens your browser and rapidly fills in the login form.

The next time you want to login to a specific website just use the “Autosubmit” function; this way you can fool most of the key-grabbing malware. The bad thing, though, is that the application is limited to IE and does not support other popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

In addition, Password Manager provides an auto-lock feature – if the maximum inactivity time is reached, the application self-blocks and the only way to re-activate it is to use the master password. You can also lock the software tool manually by pressing the “Panic” button.

Besides these useful functions, the utility lacks several important features, that can be found in other similar programs: a password generator or the possibility to organize login credentials into groups, features available even in freebies of the same feather.

If you are looking for a convenient and efficient application for storing, protecting and encrypting your passwords, you can trust Password Manager, but don't expect a full-blown product.

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