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Password Protect Folders 1.0 Crack & License Key

Password Protect Folders Crack & License Key

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Password Protect Folders is a lightweight Windows utility developed to password-protect any folder on your computer.

Such an application normally requires a bit more advanced computer knowledge, but the truth about Password Protect Folders is that it's impressively easy to use.

It doesn't assault users with complicated configuration options, but instead it focuses on its sole purpose of providing an easy to use password-protection system for any folder.

The design of the GUI is plain and simple and this really comes in handy to both rookies and experienced users. You can simply select the folders you want to protect, without any other customization options. Password Protect Folders however asks you for a password once you set up the first locked folder.

Password-protected folders are displayed in Windows Explorer with a new icon and ask for a password whenever you want to access their content. Furthermore, you don't have to keep Password Protect Folders running and the password request dialog gives you the option to unlock a folder instantly.

A help section is also available and that's a very good thing for beginners, although chances are that only a few users may actually access it.

Password Protect Folders works flawlessly on all Windows versions, including on Windows 7 workstations, without the need for administrator privileges.

Overall, this is clearly a very interesting project that comes with a feature we all want. Although it comprises no configuration settings, the app easily serves its purpose and requires only basic computer knowledge.

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