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Patterns Collection 1.0.4 Crack + License Key Download

Patterns Collection Crack + License Key Download

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Download Patterns Collection [Crack]

Patterns Collection:

Amazing collection of royalty-free patterns for Photoshop and Elements

All the patterns are strored in native Photoshop pattern format libraries for ease of use.

Use in any commercial / hobby project as required

Many mixed design patterns, colorful and hi-impact

Pattern designs Include:

Abstract patterns

Blurry patterns

Chilly patterns

Circular patterns

Colorful patterns

Complex patterns

Distorted patterns

Dotty patterns

Dynamic patterns

Fuzzy patterns

EPS vector patterns

Glowing patterns

Gradient patterns

Hexagonal patterns

Hi-energy patterns

Mottled patterns

Painted patterns

Raw patterns

Realistic patterns

Rippled patterns

String patterns

Subtle patterns

Vector dot patterns

Weird patterns and much more

Pattern Notes

Use patterns in layer effects pattern overlay and textures via the layer effects dialog 'pattern' options

Use patterns in fills or layer content, the patterns can be re-sized if on a layer (as well as angled and distorted)

Use patterns in pattern stamp tool for impressionist designs or for brush stroke textures. Use to create stunning color effects and designs

Use the patterns as great fills for text.

Use as art history source; use to create frames and borders; use patterns as a source for brushes; use patterns as a source for displacement maps / distortions; export to other applications such as Painter ™

Check out magazines like Arts Projects, Computer Arts, Layers magazines. Books by Scott Kelby also offer a source of information about patterns

The patterns can be used in normal blending mode as basic fills but they can also be applied in difference mode or multiply and many other modes or applied with a 50% or less opacity setting. By re-applying patterns using different opacity setting, unusual smudged patterns can be created. The patterns can be applied as an overlay or as a color.

Patterns can be used in color mode RGB but they can also be used in LAB and CMYK modes.

You don't have to apply the fill to all the color channels. Go to the channel palette and select say the Green channel and then apply the fill

In layer styles - stroke and fill type of 'pattern' (great for frames)

In layer styles apply to text

In textures option in layer effects for bevels

As exported to psd format - displacement maps and distortions

As brush textures using Photoshop 7 and CS1 and CS2

Use as sources for new patterns

With the paint bucket fill to fill different patterns on the same layer

Use patterns with selections

Use patterns in path brush strokes 'pattern stamp' (use pressure and brush settings)

Use the pattern as a frame or edge effect.

The patterns can be seen as a start point. As long as you do not destroy the edge of the pattern or if you use the pattern in a large enough tile, you can modify the pattern to create a new pattern. The pattern can be manipuilated back into a 'pattern' using a pattern tool such as the native tilemaker plugin.

Or apply a pattern fill, blur the result, apply another fill using a 50% opacity. The pattern can also be modified using a native filter to create a stained glass pattern.

The patterns can also be exported to Photoshop itself. The patterns can also be used in things such as the glass filter or the displacement maps (to distort images). The file format needs to be PSD format. In the latest version of Photoshop, the patterns can be used in multiple filters in the filter gallery feature)

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