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PC Health Optimizer 2.5 Crack With Keygen

PC Health Optimizer Crack With Keygen

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Download PC Health Optimizer [Crack]

Are you sick and tired of slow PC performance? Do you wish your computer ran like it did when you first bought it? Since your computer is like any other machine, it needs maintenance to stay in top health. And here's how we can help.

PC Health Optimizer is a unique set of over 20 maintenance tools that will improve your system performance and stability. This suite of utilities will identify and eliminate problems which slow any system down. It corrects problems in many areas of your computer including hard disks, memory, registry and more. This gives your PC the boost it needs.

PCHO makes optimizing your computer comfortable and easy. The included One Click Optimizer thoroughly scans and corrects problems in many areas of your system with a single click. Automatically clean errors to optimize your registry, disk system, memory and more. If you know how to click a button then you already know how to make your PC faster.

Besides giving your computer optimum performance, PCHO provides security tools that every PC owner must have to keep their PC in good health. Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus programs combined with award-winning Parental Control software gives you complete control of your system.

PCHO also includes other programs that allow you to adjust and backup your system to your needs. Beautify and optimize your Windows experience by changing icons and limiting navigation options. Create a backup of your system files, registry, email or other files with ease.

Here are some key features of "PC Health Optimizer":

■ Getting rid of useless clutter will increase available hard drive space and enhance the performance of your system. PCHO expels your system and registry of useless files including obsolete, temporary and duplicated files.

■ Most Windows users face the dilemma of annoying programs that startup with Windows. PCHO allows you to easily edit the list of registry entries which cause these programs to start, causing a better startup experience.

■ Your computer's processor and memory (RAM) are the two most important factors of speed. PCHO constantly maximizes your memory by cleaning items left behind by previously closed programs. This makes your PC zoom.

■ Over time any computer's hard disk can amass files containing errors. These useless files take up disk space that slow the system down. PCHO removes these entries to keep your disk running at top speed.

■ A computer system's life span can be deteriorated if its constantly running. PCHO will allow you to schedule specific times to shut down your system automatically. This promotes less energy usage and longer PC life.

■ The most dangerous threat to a computer system is a virus or spyware. PC Health Optimizer eliminates the worry of damage by including a rapidly updated real time scanner to instantly detect and remove an outbreak.

■ Your kids or others using your computer can be restricted to a certain time schedule using PCHO. You can block web sites or programs of your choice. You can even record activities such as screenshots and web sites visited.

■ Anytime you use your computer or surf the Internet you leave behind traces of where you've been. PCHO allows you to get rid of these traces so that others won't be able to see what you've done.

■ When files are deleted from your hard drive, gaps are left in the disk. This causes data to be spread all over the disk. With PCHO you can force the data to be written closer together, which will cause a massive speed increase.

■ The greatest physical danger to a hard disk is its temperature. Using SMART technology, PCHO allows you to keep a constant eye on the disk temperature. If you see the disk is getting too hot, move to a cooler location.

■ Removing unused programs from Windows will free up more hard disk space. PCHO will allow you to remove programs you no longer use with ease. It also scans and removes invalid uninstall entries from your system.

■ Recover deleted files with ease

■ Say goodbye to lost data due to accidental deletion. PCHO includes a full-strength file recovery tool which will undelete files that have been erased. Even if the files have been emptied from the recycle bin!

■ There are times when you need a file or folder to be for your eyes only. PC Health Optimizer brings this ability to you by completely hiding any files or folders you choose. Only you will be able to access your data.

■ Sometimes you need to erase a file for good. In those instances you can put the file through the PCHO file shredding system. This system shreds the file in a way that it cannot be recovered by any software.

■ A system file failure can happen to any Windows based system. With PCHO you can make frequent restore points in case something goes wrong on your system. You can then restore to a working restore point anytime.

■ A loss of emails could be a potential disaster for some people. With PC Health Optimizer you can create backups of your email including documents and pictures. Restoration is an easy process with PCHO.


■ 800x600 screen resolution with 256 colors

■ 30 MB free disk space

■ 133 MHz Intel Pentium or AMD K5 processor

■ 32 MB RAM

■ CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive


■ 30 Days Trial

■ Some applications disabled.

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