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PcMessenger 1.8 Crack Plus Activator

PcMessenger Crack Plus Activator

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Download PcMessenger [Crack]

PcMessenger is an easy-to-use instant messaging program for office communication. It does not require a server and is very easy to install. It also does not require an internet connection.

PcMessenger is a fast, cool, reliable real-time intranet/LAN office messaging software.

PcMessenger provides extensive features designed to increase office productivity; including individual or group messaging, file transfer, spell check, predefined Messages and much more.

PcMessenger can be used for sending messages to individual users or for group notifications. All messages are logged, so messages can be retrieved and viewed at any time.

PcMessenger works over any network supporting the standard TCP/IP protocol, it is easy to install and does not require computer knowledge or special configuration.

PcMessenger will work on your existing network immediately after installation!

Here are some key features of "PcMessenger":

■ Send instant messages (IM) to other users.

■ Unlimited customizable 'preset' messages for one-click sending or replies.

■ Keyboard friendly interface. Mouse is not required to use software.

■ Ability to paste emotion characters ( Special Characters ) from a drop-down list.

■ Ability to paste and send file attachments.

■ Ability to send a single message to a single user or single group, multiple users or multiple groups or to all users and all groups.

■ Does not require users to be connected to a server (server less).

■ Does not require users to be connected to the internet.

■ Form maximize and stretch capability.

■ Incorporates a rich text entry control with basic formatting toolbar including font type, font size, bold italic, and color.

■ Spell check.

■ Define custom groups of users for frequent message distribution.

■ Comprehensive message log.

■ Save messages to history file for later querying and retrieval.

■ Printing: individual messages or complete message log (w/preview).

■ Forward instant messages to other users or groups.

■ Review, edit and/or resend any message directly from message log.

■ Set your own user defined user name.

■ New users automatically added to your user list (buddy list).

■ User list (buddy list) is automatically refreshed


■ .NET Framework - included in the package


■ 30 day trial

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