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PDF-ShellTools Crack Plus Activator

PDF-ShellTools Crack Plus Activator

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Sometimes, working with PDFs can be a bit tedious, especially when having to process multiple files. PDF-ShellTools can help you quickly perform a variety of operations straight from the Windows Explorer context menu.

After installing PDF-ShellTools, some new items become available in the Windows Explorer right-click menu. When a PDF is selected, this context menu enables you to perform one of seventeen operations.

The application can, for example, rotate, split, merge, append and package PDFs. The interface used for each of these functions is both intuitive and easy to use.

What's more, when it comes to the operations mentioned above, the application enables you to define your selection of pages in several ways: by individual pages, intervals and even or odd pages. You can even select pages to be modified in 'blocks' of a defined length. For example, it is possible to automatically split a document in blocks no larger than 20 pages in length. Alternatively one can also define these block in terms of file size. By following the previous example, the program can automatically split a PDF in blocks no larger than 50KB in size.

Other operations which can be performed from the context menu include adding customizable watermarks, extracting text or image content and setting the file's security and password options. The application can also bulk-rename PDFs based on their metadata and search for duplicate files.

Another supported feature is scripting. You can use PDF-ShellTools' script manager to create and run your own scripts and automate repetitive processing tasks. Your custom scripts can even be displayed in the context menu, alongside the application's other functions.

This application provides more than just the shell tools the name implies. Its powerful and versatile features can be used in a variety of situations where batch-processing or automation are required.

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