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PDF Version Converter 2.21 Crack + Serial Key Updated

PDF Version Converter Crack + Serial Key Updated

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Download PDF Version Converter [Crack]

PDF Version Converter is an application that you can use to change the version of a PDF document for compatibility purposes.

Especially useful in case an installed program can work with just a single PDF version, PDF Version Converter doesn’t require more than basic technical knowledge.

All the essential options are grouped in just a single screen, so it’s all just a few-click job.

Basically, users are only required to input the path to the target PDF, choose the new version and select an output location to store the processed item.

PDF Version Converter supports the common PDF versions, as it follows: PDF version 1.0 (Adobe Acrobat 1.x) PDF version 1.1 (Adobe Acrobat 2.x) PDF version 1.2 (Adobe Acrobat 3.x) PDF version 1.3 (Adobe Acrobat 4.x) PDF version 1.4 (Adobe Acrobat 5.x) PDF version 1.5 (Adobe Acrobat 6.x) PDF version 1.6 (Adobe Acrobat 7.x) PDF version 1.7 (Adobe Acrobat 8.x, 9.x, ISO 32000).

There are no other configuration options and that’s quite all right given the fact that this piece of software is only designed to change the PDF version and nothing more.

Of course, the conversion engine is blazing fast and needs just a few seconds to serve its purpose. It works smoothly on all Windows versions, with a very low footprint on system performance.

Overall, PDF Version Converter is the kind of app that does its job and nothing more. It doesn’t assault users with unnecessary options and brings the whole conversion task down to three simple clicks.

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grazie mille per il serial


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