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Phantasm 4.1.3 Crack + Serial Key Updated

Phantasm Crack + Serial Key Updated

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Phantasm is a powerful graphics plugin that integrates into your Adobe Illustrator application and allows you to adjust and manipulate colors and effects at a professional level.

After installation, the plugin can be found in the ‘Object’ menu and from there, you can access all its features. Phantasm allows you to work with brightness, saturation, desaturation, duotone, halftone, hue, invert, levels, shift of color, temperature and tint.

The interface of the tools that Phantasm offers shares the same comprehensive and intuitive design that is found by default in Illustrator or Adobe filters in general. So if you’re used to how they look and work, then you should have no problem with the ones that Phantasm provides.

For example, the Hue/Saturation tool works the same as in Photoshop but offers you a substantial number of additional features which give you much more control over the color quality and how it is processed. The same applies to brightness, contrast, curves, levels and exposure adjustments.

Phantasm is designed not only to ease your workflow but also to enhance designs and to offer them an extra dose of realism. You can use the plugin filters to control individual color channels and adjust shadow effects to near perfection. Besides enhancing, Phantasm can even help you avoid printing errors by correcting white overprint.

A feature that Phantasm brings into play and works great is its halftone effect. It instantly converts a project into a dotted design. The effect can be monochrome, RGB or sampled, depending on what you are looking for. A great deal of customization is available as well. You get to choose the pattern, DPI, grid angle and various dot properties.

In closing, you can’t really sum up Phantasm in a couple of words but what you can do is try it out and get hours upon hours of work done faster and with great improvements in quality.

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