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PhraseExpress Portable 16.2.28 Crack With Activator

PhraseExpress Portable Crack With Activator

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Users who have to carry out repetitive tasks which involve writing much of the same content repeatedly would certainly appreciate a method that can make the whole process a bit easier. For this purpose was developed an application that goes by the name of PhraseExpress Portable.

This utility is all about automation and putting the necessary bits of text at the user's disposal in the simplest way possible. Able to store text into custom folders and phrases, this tool is very good at keeping text snippets organized and easily accessible.

By no means limited at text bits alone, PhraseExpress Portable will handle hyperlinks, as well as graphic files in the most common formats, namely PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF, ICO and even metafiles (WMF) and enhanced metafiles (EMF).

There is an integrated editor that will enable you to customize the phrase content, the paragraphs, add tables or insert many other types of data. Adding prefixes or suffixes is also supported and almost every operation can be controlled through hotkeys which you set up.

PhraseExpress Portable has some auto-correct features that can come in very handy to fix spelling errors. Having abbreviations expanded automatically is another characteristic that sets this program apart from many others of its kind.

One of the most appreciated functions of this software is the ability to fill in automatically some preset texts you prepare in advance. The macros, which are supported as well, can have an important contribution here, allowing you to paste, through keyboard shortcuts, various forms, date and time or perform some common tasks like creating an e-mail or opening an application.

Probably just as coveted is the clipboard management ability that PhraseExpress Portable offers. With it you can view all the items that were sent into the system clipboard and edit or recover any of them with a single click.

Thanks to the wide array of features it packs, this utility is a valuable helper which will surely be appreciated by any user.

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