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Picture Viewer Max 7.9 Crack + Activation Code Updated

Picture Viewer Max Crack + Activation Code Updated

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Multimedia files usually require different applications for each type. Nonetheless developers came out with all-in-one programs capable of rendering nearly any kind of video, movie or picture you want to view, which is also the case with Picture Viewer Max, but offers a bit more.

In terms of design, the application comes with a personalized interface, with different colors for sections, an overwhelming amount of buttons, and many panels to make navigation easier. However, it can take a bit of time to figure out what each thing does and why it’s there.

Taking a closer look, and after some time going through all menus, you realize that the application is in fact some sort of file manager that can also open and edit different types of file. Although navigation feels a little difficult at times, the interface is fitted with directory and content browser, and also supports multiple tabs so you can simultaneously perform more activities.

Truth be told, there is a stunning amount of file formats that application can read. Special filters let you quickly filter videos, sounds, images, documents, databases, as well as ZIP archives. Amongst others, this applies for files like TIF, GIF, JPG, BMP, ICO, CUR, PNG, DICOM, EMF, TGA, RAW, PSD, AVI, and MPG.

As mentioned above, there’s also some editing involved. For instance, having a picture opened puts a large toolbox at your disposal, with options to draw freely or various shapes, apply several quick effects like emboss, edge, or sorbel, modify color and lighting values, and more.

Pictures seem to benefit from the majority of features. Somewhere in the Utilities menu, there’s a slideshow maker that lets you add images and songs in order to create stunning presentations or simple slideshows. You also get to convert between the multitude of supported picture files.

Bottom line is that Picture Viewer Max is nothing more than a file manager dedicated to picture exploring and editing. Don’t expect a lot of accuracy and editing, while accommodation can take some of your time, but the application deserves a try overall.

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