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PiggyBob Basic 3.0 Crack + Serial Key

PiggyBob Basic Crack + Serial Key

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We all remember with nostalgia how we used to save all the little change gotten while shopping with our parents or the money we got for our birthday or special occasions.We all had a little piggy bank in which you stored our cash to buy something we wanted for a long time. Technology evolved since then, and now the Internet is full of various programs that can help you keep track of all the incomes and expenses with ease.

PiggyBob Basic is one of these simple yet efficient tools designed to help you add and organize all the payments and earnings we make everyday. It's wrapped in a straightforward and intuitive interface grouped in data records and statistics and comes with basic options.

To get started all you need to do is select the proper action, expense or income, choose the desired date from the calendar and enter the earned amount of money. Plus, you can add a short description and a category. In case there is no group inserted, you can easily enter a custom one, like apartment, shopping, rent or personal.

Once the record is created, the app displays both expenses and salary structured in a table that shows the date, group, description and amount along with the option to sort them based on different criteria. In addition, you have the possibility to enter an event, with a starting time, occasion name, recurrence if necessary, along with a specific alert sound you can change with a custom one from the computer.

The other section lets you view an annual graphic with both profit and costs, which unfortunately can't be customized with other colors, printed or exported to various file formats for further editing. The statistics panel give you the option to organize entries only for a specific category or date. A nice addition is the currency symbol that can be changed to another one and positioned before or after the number.

The bottom line is that PiggyBob Basic is a simple and accessible utility that comes in handy only for those who only want to keep track of their money easily and don't need other unnecessary functions to complicate their life. During our testing, the tool didn't encounter any issues nor consume too many resources.

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