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PIRCH98 Crack With Activation Code 2024

PIRCH98 Crack With Activation Code 2024

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PIRCH98 is an application designed to be an alternative to the IRC client. It is similar to mIRC but right from the start, when you run it, the differences are visible.

PIRCH98 displays an interface which should be familiar to a former mIRC user and at least comprehensive to a new user. The main features of the application are made available in a top toolbar and in menus which provide quick access to everything you need.

Logging in, joining a server and then a chat room is easy to do and you can start chatting with people in a matter of seconds. The chat environment is like that of other IRC clients, separated into the general discussion area and a channel or user list.

Today, very few people use IRC clients and PIRCH98 is no exception but despite this, there still are tens of channels available and the bookmarking feature works just as well.

In the relatively recent past, when this kind of application was popular, having a bookmark feature meant that you can easily store channels in a well organized library so you can always rejoin those that offered the most fun or interesting conversations.

When connecting to a server, you have to select the IRC network, address, enter your name and email, choose a nickname and an alternate for it. You can also toggle to remain invisible to the server.

To spare you the time normally spent re-typing every bit of information when you want to connect, PIRCH98 allows you to create a profile and save it under a custom name.

All-in-all, there is a lot more to mention about PIRCH98, but the bottom line is that this type of software still exists today thanks to those who won’t let a piece of chat history die. By today’s standards it’s obsolete and unappealing.

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