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Pivot Pro 9.52 Crack + Serial Number Updated

Pivot Pro Crack + Serial Number Updated

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Pivot Pro is a simplistic application that you can use to change the orientation of your display.

Once you install the program, you will be able to access its features in the system tray.

So, you can rotate the display to 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees, with the simple click of a button.

But you can also go to the "Options" window to enable and configure keyboard shortcuts for these commands.

We recommend you do this since it's a lot easier than having to run around the display with your mouse to find the button while tilting your head.

In addition, you can enable Pivot Pro to show a splash screen on startup, as well as to display a small, medium or large button that will rotate your display by 90 degrees in a clockwise direction, every time you click it (optionally set it to always be on top of other applications).

Last but not least, you can save, delete or use a workspace. This is a feature of Pivot Pro that memorizes the current resolution, color depth, refresh rate, screen orientation and desktop icon placement.

The program requires a very low amount of system resource and didn't freeze, crash or pop up errors during our tests. It also includes a user manual that explains all of its features.

In conclusion, Pivot Pro is a great solution if you are having trouble with your monitor when it comes to orientation, or if you simply want to play a gag on a friend. We strongly recommend this tool.

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