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PixFiler 5.4.17 Crack With Keygen 2021

PixFiler Crack With Keygen 2021

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PixFiler is an advanced application designed to help users manage large numbers of files based on  custom categories and annotations.

In order to begin organizing files, one should first create an index. This can be accomplished using the application's easy-to use interface. After creating the index, images can be added to it in order to consolidate a collection.

Since the application does not support drag-and-drop, users need to navigate to and select the files they want to add through their drive's file structure. Once the files are selected and added, they can be managed and organized by adding them to categories, inserting annotations or assigning them 'grades' (or stars)  from 1 to 5.

Once this step is complete, users can export indexes as CSV text files, which contain file names and attributes, or as EXP (a proprietary format for exporting indexes) files. When exporting an index as an EXP file, the application can also export the actual images which will be placed in the same folder as the EXP file.

After creating an index, adding files to it and annotating or categorizing said files, users can make use of the application's many search, filtering and sharing features.

Pictures can be displayed in full-screen mode or as a slideshow and filtered by category  year, place or event or searched for by name and description.

When it comes to sharing their work, users can choose between emailing selected pictures, printing them (using various page layouts), creating HTML albums, or autorun enabled CDs and DVDs.

As mentioned before, this piece of software is designed to help users manage and share large numbers of image files. Its straightforward, intuitive interface, search and filtering functions enable it to do just that. What's more, the application can also help users save, backup or move their collections by making use of its sharing and export features.

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