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PlayerPal 4.2 Service Release 7 Crack + Keygen (Updated)

PlayerPal Crack + Keygen (Updated)

Windows XP


Download PlayerPal [Crack]

With PlayerPal you will be finally able to re-discover your music.

Browse, search and control your music from anywhere. Discover new ways to interact with your collection and enjoy your music. PlayerPal is a Windows Media Player remote control, an iTunes remote, and much more.

Here are some key features of "PlayerPal":

В■ Music search

В■ Search for tracks

В■ Search for albums

В■ Very fast search, even on large libraries

В■ Guided searches from results (e.g. find all in same year)

В■ Ask for a random track or album *new*

В■ Music library browser *new*

В■ Browse by album art

В■ Browse by artist

В■ Browse by year

В■ Browse by genre

В■ Sort by most/least albums or alphabetically

В■ Windows service support

В■ Runs as a Windows Service so works when you are logged off

В■ Ideal for use on a headless music server (no mouse, keyboard or monitor to clutter the room)

В■ Playback control

В■ Play, stop, next and previous control

В■ Change WMP volume, shuffle and loop settings

В■ Make playback auto-stop after x more tracks

В■ Use keyboard shortcuts in the browser

В■ Now playing page

В■ View album art and track details

В■ Search for artist and genre on Amazon

В■ Rate the track

В■ Playlist management

В■ Add/remove tracks or albums to your current playlist

В■ View and play all your normal and auto playlists

В■ Radio station selection

В■ Select a radio station to listen to from your WMP list (WMP 9 only)

В■ Skinning system

В■ Apply a different skin for different devices

В■ Create new skins using only CSS and/or HTML

В■ Default skin optimised for Pocket IE and PDA use

В■ Default skin supports Firefox and IE.

В■ Great WMP and Windows support

В■ Works with Windows Media Player 9 & 10

В■ Works on Windows XP Home & Pro, Media Center Edition 2005, Windows 2003. Windows 2000 support coming soon.


В■ Windows XP

В■ .NET Framework 1.1

В■ Windows Media Player/Apple iTunes


В■ Hides 50% of your albums and some tracks

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